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IVETTE is a messengerstyle handbag for your essentials and a (note)book. She was born out of KIKI and LOLITA, the best of two worlds?
She holds 2 compartments and is accessible from the back and the frontside with 2 metal 5MM zip-closures with a DIDDA Puller.
Small inner pocket at the back. 10mm sailorsrope sling with matching handle/shoulderpiece
Ivette doesn’t like to stand like LOLITA or JOHANNA do; she’s a lying or hanging lady
Available in 2mm black vegtan (not lined) or classic leather (lined or not/ depending on the leather)

SIZE: L 31,5 cm x H 21,5 cm x W cm (varies between 5 and 12 cm)

Ivette can be made in thick leather without lining, depending on the skin: price: 320€
Check the gallery images for IVETTES I made for happy clients.